Expertise in External Materiality Assessment

The Business for Sustainable Development, Inc. (BSD) has always been committed to helping businesses embed sustainability in their business plans and journeys. One of its processes is the External Materiality Assessment, which aims to identify various factors that are relevant and material to the company and its stakeholders.

Last November 2022, BSD conducted an External Materiality Assessment with a client company whose focus is on hydroelectric power and renewable energy. As part of the process, BSD visited two of their power plants located in Benguet and Magat. The BSD team had the opportunity to assist the client company in engaging with their stakeholders, which included community members and leaders, LGUs, and other organizations.

The client company organized Host Community Fora in Benguet and Magat respectively. Each forum was an avenue for the client company to provide updates on their different projects concerning the community. Likewise, it gave the stakeholders the opportunity to ask some questions regarding said projects, and to properly communicate some grievances as well. Subsequently, Key Informant Interviews (KII) and Focus Group Discussions (FGD) with stakeholders were conducted by the BSD team, and the data gathered from these activities completed the External Materiality Assessment of the client company.

Such official business trips allow BSD to maximize its commitment in helping businesses attain sustainability. It is always an honor for BSD to assist its clients in writing their Sustainability Reports. The journey to sustainability is a collective effort, and BSD has always been delighted to contribute to it, and to encourage, particularly, those in the business field to take the path to sustainable development.

For almost 31 years, BSD remains as a trusted partner in sustainability. The year 2023 opens new opportunities. It is a year of hoping and striving for sustainable development, collectively.