GRI Standards Certified Training Course​

As the GRI's Official Training Partner in the Philippines, we offer the regular GRI Standards Certified Training Course to introduce industry professionals to the process of reporting non-financial performance using the most widely-used sustainability reporting guidelines.

Advisory Services

Sustainability Report and Integrated Report Preparation Consulting Services

We promote sustainability in business by providing advisory services on integrated and sustainability reporting in the Philippines. We work closely with forward-looking companies to help them communicate their business sustainability performance and stories through a cohesive report that adheres to sustainability reporting standards such as the GRI Standards or the framework of IIRC.

Sustainability Reporting for SEC, in compliance to Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Guidelines

As part of our mandate to promote sustainable development in the Philippine private sector, we help companies comply with the Sustainability Reporting SEC Guidelines for Publicly Listed Companies. BSD provided technical support in the capability buidling of SEC staff and in the drafting of the SEC guidelines.

Sustainability Baseline Performance Assessment

We offer sustainability consulting services to identify and measure key environmental, social, and economic impacts, risks, and opportunities of a company accross their value creation areas.

Sustainability Strategy and Roadmap Development

In order to effectively integrate sustainability across the organization, we offer our expertise in developing a comprehensive business sustainability plan for companies that are committed to transforming their businesses into sustainable enterprises.

Socioeconomic Impact Assessment

We offer our sustainability assessment expertise in identifying, measuring, and evaluating the impacts of business operations and CSR activities to the socio-economic conditions of the communities where they operate using a science-based and multi-stakeholder approach.

Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment (LCSA)

We offer our expertise in evaluating the environmental, social, and economic impacts of a company's products throughout their life cycle.


Defining Business Strategy and Focus on the Sustainable Development Goals

With this training on sustainability in business and the SDGs, we aim to build the capacity of companies in developing programs and processes that will contribute to relevant SDG targets.

Advisory Services

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Strategy and Reporting

We promote sustainability in the Philippines by building the right mindset for corporations to be more deliberate in identifying business opportunities in delivering on SDGs. We also aid companies in assessing and measuring their SDG contributions from their operations, procurement, job creation, products, services, and programs.

Research & Policy Advocacy

SDGs Is Our Biz

In partnership with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Philippines, we published the Transformational Business: Private Sector Contributions to the SDGs, a report that showcases the contributions of Philippine businesses towards the achievement of the SDGs.


Training Course on GHG Inventory and Management

Recognizing the urgency of climate change, we offer consulting services to companies to build their Climate Action Strategy, which begins with understanding their baseline GHG emissions. We offer training services to companies that are interested in measuring their GHG emissions and building a carbon neutrality pathway.

Advisory Services

GHG Inventory Management System

We develop systems for companies to enable them to monitor and manage their GHG emissions by measuring fuel and electricity consumption in their facilities. Accurate tracking of GHG emissions allows for a more proper sustainability assessment which aids in formulating important business decisions on corporate sustainability.

Forest Carbon Sequestration Solutions

We do an assessment on the extent of a company’s GHG emissions and offer a tailor-fit carbon offset plan that is aligned to the company objectives.

Climate Action Plan / Low-Carbon Transition Roadmap

Beyond sustainability strategy consulting, we provide hand-holding services to help companies develop an ambitious but achievable climate action plan that is aligned to the business strategy of the company.

Research & Policy Advocacy

Manila Declaration

The signing of the Manila Declaration on Private Sector support to the Philippine INDC is part of a series of activities requested by the CCC to support the country’s INDC development and ownership process. This was held on October 23, 2015, at Hotel Intercontinental, Makati City.

Ecosystem-based Adaptation Study

The Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbA) Study is a holistic adaptation approach that takes biodiversity and ecosystem services into consideration for environmental sustainability

Policy Advocacy Council on Sustainable Energy

Given our broader mandate on sustainable development, our member companies are expected to be more proactive in working with the government, particularly in crafting policies relevant to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Research & Policy Advocacy

Building a Reliable Local Agriculture Supply Chain

Improving sustainability in the Philippines entails providing decent work opportunities for all. This project facilitates partnership between farmers and agricultural workers, private companies, government agencies, and civil society organizations in linking farmers to markets where they can sell their produce.

Compensation for Ecosystem Services Value Improvement (CESVI) Policy

The CESVI Policy is a results-based, fund-pooling, and mixed-financing mechanism involving private firm, government agencies, and civil society organizations that will encourage and enable businesses to promote environmental sustainability by protecting, enhancing, and restoring ecosystems which they benefit from.

Policy Amendment to Agri-Agra IRR

An amendment of the Implementing Rules and Regulations of the Agri-Agra Credit Act, integrating projects that address Agricultural Capital Preservation.

Advisory Service

Waste Analysis and Characterization Study (WACS)

The Waste Analysis and Characterization Study (WACS) is an integral part of a Solid Waste Management Planning process. It determines the type, size, composition, and volume of waste produced in an area or establishment, thus helping the decision-makers in determining significant Solid Waste Management (SWM) component options and strategies.

Setting Up a Solid Waste Value Chain

We extend our expertise to companies in the baseline assessment, development, and implementation of proper solid waste management systems specific to their operational sites. We analyze the entire value chain from materials use to waste management, recycling, and the full circular loop.

Research & Policy Advocacy

Waste Diversion Credit Mechanism

The Waste Diversion Credit Mechanism is a market-based instrument that will encourage environmental sustainability investments that will prevent leakage of waste into the environment by diverting them into value-adding processes and value chains.

Mall Waste Recovery Program for Residual Plastic Waste

Funded by USAID, this Mall Waste Recovery Program for Residual Plastics aims to properly map out the flows of waste materials from the mall operations to their final disposal site, and to identify the points of leakage along the value chain.

Policy Advocacy Council on Materials Economy

Given our broader mandate on sustainable development, our member companies are expected to be more proactive in working with the government, particularly in crafting policies relevant to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Supply Chain Sustainability Training

We help companies improve on their corporate sustainability practices through a training program that enables them to better track the sustainability peformance of their suppliers as a way to manage sustainability-related risks in their value chain. This training has a particular focus on suppliers' disclosure of non-financial performance.

Advisory Service

Supply Chain Disclosure Management System

We help companies protect the long-term viability of their businesses by enhancing their corporate sustainability practices and addressing the economic, social and governance (ESG) concerns of all stakeholders across their supply chain.


Eco-safe Driving and Clean Fleet Management Training

Using the modules from the Clean Fleet Management Program, this training exercise aims to provide drivers and mechanics with practical knowledge and compelling reasons to practice Eco-Safe Driving and Preventive Maintenance.

Advisory Service

Clean Fleet Management

We design sustainability plans and programs as systemic strategies that allow drivers and fleet owners to reduce fuel consumption, lessen carbon emissions, increase fuel efficiency, and save on operational costs through data assessment, module development, and program institutionalization.

Research & Policy Advocacy

Sustainable Mobility Project

Following the lead of WBCSD, the Sustainable Mobility Solutions Partnership (SMSP) Manila aims to deliver safe and low-impact mobility for both goods and people. This program contributes to environmental sustainability in the Philippines by bringing together a cross-sectoral group of mobility-related companies that take advantage of a set of indicators that will allow an objective assessment of a city’s mobility.

Policy Advocacy Council on Livable Communities

Given our broader mandate on sustainable development, our member companies are expected to be more proactive in working with the government, particularly in crafting policies relevant to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).