Supply Chain Sustainability


Supply Chain Sustainability Training

This Supply Chain Sustainability training enhances business sustainability by bringing together the procurement and sustainability champions of key suppliers of the company to explore strategies that will enable them to adopt corporate sustainability practices and to report on their non-financial performance.

The session aims to:

• Introduce the concept of sustainability, non-financial reporting, and supply chain sustainability to the suppliers;

• Determine material topics which can be disclosed by the suppliers. Materiality will be based on the insights provided by the participant suppliers as well as industry-specific guides on material disclosures;

• Capacitate the suppliers to disclose non-financial information (environmental, social, and economic metrics) as part of their accreditation with the company; and

• Identify other strategies that can measure supplier sustainability performance.

Advisory Service

Supply Chain Disclosure Management System

Business growth most often comes with increased supply chain complexity. As sourcing activities increase, exposure of the company to environmental, social, and economic risks at the supply chain becomes significant. Supply chain sustainability disclosure systems can help companies protect the long-term viability of their businesses and address environmental, social, and governance (ESG) concerns of all stakeholders across their supply chain.

Supplier performance is typically measured through metrics related to financial stability, operational efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Only a few firms are proactive in terms of upgrading local suppliers to become more competitive and inclusive through internal policies and programs. This service will enable companies to explore strategies in measuring the sustainability performance of their suppliers and to create initiatives to mainstream sustainability in the supply chains.

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